For an entrepreneur who has their business hosted online, having the fastest speed is what matters. For websites providing web services, having the maximum amount of uptime is of utmost priority. For bloggers who want to experiment and help people understand about hosting, it is crucial to have a professional support team to help them with their queries.

HostiServer is one of those rare companies who provides EVERYTHING that you might need for hosting your projects, websites or even just files online

Introduction to HostiServer

HostiServer is a web hosting provider on which you can host your blog, website, business portals and important files. It is a leading web hosting company which has partners such as Huawei, Western Digital, Intel, Dell, Samsung and many more. Since HostiServer is a long-standing company in the server providing industry, they have upgraded their technology and their servers to be the most efficient, reliable and stable in the market.

HostiServer has two data centers: One in Phoenix, USA and the other one in Amsterdam, Europe. All their servers are equipped with enterprise-grade drives in a RAID which makes it rock solid for storage of important files.

HostiServer Services

Managed VPS

Managed VPS servers from HostiServer is very stable and non-interruptive. The speed at which the VPS performs is really commendable as it provides faster response and load times for your site. The support team will transfer your site or your projects from our old servers easily and effortlessly.

Dedicated Server

Good Dedicated servers require the most uptime along with great performance and easy customization. HostiServer’s dedicated servers are the best, simply because of the exceptional uptime, powerful servers, and easy configuration. They are also the best because the server resources are easy to customize and upgrade or downgrade according to your needs.

Anycast Content Deliver Network (CDN)

If you have a heavy website or a blog that you want to load lightning fast on the user’s browser, HostiServer CDN is there to help you. The servers placed in Europe and the USA make it possible to get consistently fast load times for your sites no matter where the original server is.


In HostiServer’s backup servers, you can store, upload and download all of your important files. Even if you have hosted your site on some other server, you can have automated backups of them on HostiServer for more security and stability.


Technical Support

The quality that makes HostiServer the best to work with is their support team. People such as Alex and Tommy are wonderful who are true Professionals at their job.

The Hosting team understands that not everyone is familiar with technology and not everyone can configure serves on their own. The support team will configure all your servers for you without you having to even break a sweat!

Better Site Performance and Uptime

The Company offers Content Delivery Network services to anyone who buys a server from them. This CDN helps you to deliver the content of the website at blazing speeds to the customers. Since your site speed increases and your content is loaded faster, your site performs better, which in turn increases your website’s ranking.

Assisted Migration

The ease-of-migration of a project or website is just phenomenal. My website was migrated so easily that I did not even have to do most of the work. The Company provides free and effortless migration services.

On top of that, they even configure your servers for the first use and I was blown away by that. They support any type of CMS, so you don’t even have to worry about transferring your data yourself – Let HostiServer do it for you!

Customer Centric

Since HostiServer has been in the market for a very long time, they know what their customers need. They provide the greatest quality servers and amazing quality of help to their clients. Everything for me was so smooth and easy, starting with selecting the best plan and configuring my VPS. They do not work to make more money, they work on making customers happy and what is what I love about them the most.

Sharing is NOT caring

When it comes to sharing server configuration and resources, anyone would want themselves to get the most bandwidth. With HostiServer however, they do not offer any shared hosting because they know the importance of having speed and reliability of resources

Stable Servers

David G. is a super expert on managing servers at HostiServer. The servers of HostiServer are hi-tech and are supported with backup power and redundant data storage. They are covered for any case of any unexpected power outage or data corruption. Hence, the servers are very reliable when it comes to uptime as well as data security.

Pros of Using HostiServer

  1. 100% Guaranteed Uptime
  2. Best Quality Hardware
  3. Professional Customer Support
  4. Fully customizable Servers
  5. Technical Knowledge Inessential
  6. Frequent Discounts, sales, and special offers
  7. Affordable Pricing


To sum it all up, HostiServer has high-quality servers for hosting your projects and files online. They provide servers at an affordable rate without compromising the quality of it. The customer support is simply the BEST in the market!

What are you waiting for? Why don’t you head over to Hosting Company and buy the plan the suits you best?