A website without adequate traffic is just package of contents and codes. A website’s lifeblood is ‘traffic’ and thus it becomes most important for you to generate more traffic on your blogs.

For this firstly, you have to ensure the WordPress SEO of your website and secondly, you have to promote your content heavily on social media. You have to create more chances of sharing your content with your visitors and users. You must also share your content on your social media platforms to generate more traffic.

To create more chances of sharing, you should integrate social sharing widgets on your blogs. With this integration, your users and visitors will be able to share your blogs quickly on their social media platforms. More shares will surely help you in generating more traffic.

More traffic will definitely help you in improving your search engine ranking, along with the relevancy of your company address – for example, if you have a website dedicated to UK then it will be wise to get a UK Street address for it. Nowadays social media has transformed itself into a pretty big thing and have a great influence.

Thus, if you have decided to create social sharing options on your blogs you must have to choose a suitable WordPress plugin. Here’s the problem starts. You will find tons of SocialMedia Sharing Plugins that can be used for this particular purpose.

Choosing one suitable plugin for you from the options available may be overwhelming. Here this post will be very helpful for you in choosing a right WordPress SocialMedia Sharing Plugins for yourself.

Best SocialMedia sharing plugins WordPress 2017

  1. SocialWarfare –

Starting this list with the most popular and rich featured plugin, SocialWarfare. You will find this plugin on most popular websites. SocialWarfare cost only $29 and I think its features worth every penny. The best part about this plugin is that it offers a lot of options and features but all of the features are very simple to configure.

If you are new to this kind of stuff, SocialWarfare will be a perfect sharing plugin for you. You can configure all its simple features without getting stuck anywhere.

SocialWarfare is the simplest, sexiest and accurate plugin among the options available. These social buttons are developed fast sharing without slowing your website anymore. You can customize its look and the available style combinations are more 5,000.

  1. Monarch –

In a very short time, period Monarch has been established as an effective plugin among the crowd. Because of its simple and effective features, Monarch is one of the best sharing plugins that are truly social media friendly.

It comes with a lot of social sharing styles including floating bar, fly in the box, pop-up, below and above the content, and even on videos and images too.

These social sharing buttons look elegant and gorgeous. Monarch offers support for over 20 social media networks. It also provides lots of displaying options including various style icons, colours and shapes.

Monarch is considering as one of the best plugins for social sharing and also used by the professionals. Developed with the user-friendly interface, Monarch is easy to apply and expected to give better results.

  1. TweetDis –

The simplest WordPress plugin among the various options available. It is developed for ease of interface, quick sharing and easy tweets. TweetDis is developed with little bit different concept compared to other social sharing WordPress plugins. It is very easy to create tweetable content or quotes with TweetDis.

Tweeting visual content of infographics will be enough healthy for your traffic and TweetDis makes it easier. Users can easily tweet images with TweetDis plugin on social media.

If you are thinking to buy TweetDis for you’re a single website you just have to spend $37. If you have multiple websites then you have to spend only $47, and you can use TweetDis plugin on 5 websites. This package is the most popular package among its users. If you own more than 5 websites and looking for an excellent social sharing plugin then you have to spend only $77 and you can use this plugin on unlimited websites.

TweetDis is easy to use social sharing plugin equipped with many designs. TweetDis has a very simple using interface thus beginners can also add the “click to tweet” box easily.

TweetDis is loaded with various design layouts and customizable tweet boxes. The tweetable text can also be highlighted and you can a default @username to your tweets.

  1. DiggDigg –

This social sharing plugin is used in tones of websites. DiggDigg has a vertical social sharing bar which can be fixed just to the right or left of user’s post content.

At the social sharing bar, the sharing buttons will be there always that can be clicked easily. This will encourage your readers to share your content. This plugin can also place the sharing buttons at the end or at the beginning of your post.

The best part of this social sharing plugin is that it has a larger number of supported sharing sites and social networks. You can find almost all the main social networks in this plugin.

Many beginners often try to put all the social sharing buttons available hoping to increase the chances of more shares but this temptation will result in just nothing. The best idea is to enable your top five or six networks to achieve best results.

Choose those social networks only that suit best to your content. As example include Pinterest on the top your list if you own an image related sites, then observe your readers on which sharing platform they prefer to share your content.

If you provide too many options for sharing to your readers they can be easily overwhelmed. Offering too many options can also affect your page loading time.

  1. Sumo Share –

Sumo is developed to help its users to grow their traffic. This social sharing plugin can be used in any HTML supported site. Sumo Share is a completely different plugin having a very simple and easy interface.

Its easy interface allows its users to add many social sharing buttons and no doubt it works brilliantly. Sumo Share offers multiple numbers of places where social sharing buttons can be added. All of these tasks can be done with few clicks.

Make your site mobile friendly with this social sharing plugin. Sumo Share offers different placements of social sharing buttons for mobile devices including Smartphones, Tablets and many other smart devices too.

As I have said above choose few social sharing buttons for your website, this will be truly healthy for your website traffic. As Sumo Share offers large numbers of social sharing buttons you have to shortlisted which are giving best results.

Few of them will be enough and will not affect your site loading speed.

With accessing its basic analytics data you can check how many of your readers are clicking the share buttons available and which one they prefer to share the most. This will also help you in making the list of your top social sharing buttons.

  1. Jetpack –

Jetpack is also in the list of popular social sharing plugins because of its incredible feature and easy interface. Jetpack provides your visitors or readers with the tool to share your content to their social media networks.

You can enable these social sharing buttons in four simple steps. It makes sharing profitable for professionals and very easy for the beginners.

Here are those four simple steps:

  • First of all, go to its setting and then navigate to sharing.
  • In sharing button choose, drag and drop those services you want as social sharing buttons for your site.
  • Choose the available button style and placement for your sharing buttons.
  • Lastly save, simple.

To add more sharing buttons to your site just drag to available services. These sharing buttons can be configured easily to appear as text, icon or both.

  1. Easy Social Share Buttons –

It is also another popular option available loaded with impressive features. This social sharing plugin has slightly similar features as Monarch have.

Easy Social Share buttons provide 12 different locations for displaying their social media buttons. It also comes with 12 templates that give an option to its users to customize those buttons regarding their needs.

This social share plugin has also an incredible feature; it lets its users decide when they want to hide the counts and when to share them. You may think about the beneficial side of this feature. This features proved to be very useful for the new bloggers especially. They have just started without much more social proof to share or show.

Easy Social sharing has the great compatibility with the third party plugins including BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce, etc. Adding social sharing buttons on your forums, sales pages or other kinds of pages will be easier.

Easy Social Sharing provides a dashboard that is so powerful that it can help you in monitoring your social activity across many social media networks.

Easy Social Sharing comes with great features. Although you should always prefer few social sharing buttons to your site because it can also affect your site speed.



The impact of social media has changed dramatically in few years. If you will use social media and you know the hacks and secrets, you can grow your business through social media. Social media provides a larger community of customers and influencers, and if you know how to target them then it will be healthy for your business.

If you are going to launch your business online or want to earn from your blogging sites then you will surely need to add social sharing feature to your site. For the beginners, it may be little overwhelming to choose a perfect SocialMedia Sharing plugins, here this list will be helpful for you.